A Québec resident

Schedule O: Québec tax credit for respite of caregivers Solidarity tax credit (Schedule D) & Relevé 31 Tax credit for a top-level Québec athlete Tax credit for experienced workers - Québec Tax Credit for Québec Seniors’ Activities Tax credit for the restoration of a secondary residence (TP-1029.RE-V) TP-1029.8.33.13-V : Tax Credit for the Reporting of Tips TP-1029.8.33.6-V: Tax Credit for an On-the-job Training Period TP-1029.8.36.VP-V: Tax credit for interest on a loan granted by a seller-lender and guaranteed by La Financière agricole du Québec TP-1029.8.66.2-V: Tax Credit for the Treatment of Infertility TP-1029.AE-V: Tax Credit for the Upgrading of Residential Waste Water Treatment Systems TP-1029.BF: Tax shield TP-1029.RV: RénoVert tax credit TP-1029.TM-V: Grant for Seniors to Offset a Municipal Tax Increase TP-1086.R.23.12-V: Costs Incurred for Work on an Immovable TP-1129.64-V: Special tax relating to a Registered Education Savings Plan in Québec TP-358.0.1-V: Disability supports deduction (Québec residents) TP-726.30-V: Income averaging for a forest producer TP-729-V: Carry-Forward of Net Capital Losses TP-752.0.0.6-V: Adjustment for Income Replacement Indemnities Received from a Public Compensation Plan Outside Québec TP-776.42-V: Alternative Minimum Tax TPZ-1029.MD.5-V: Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors VD-358-V: Québec Sales Tax Rebate for Employees and Partners What are the "other specific situations" on Schedule K? What credits are included in the ‘Other Québec tax credits’ page? What is a Certificate Respecting an Impairment ( TP-752.0.14-V)? What is a functional impairment? (Schedule K)