A Québec resident

Amount for a Person Living Alone (Québec) Child assistance (Québec) CO-1029.8.36.53-V: Tax credit for income tax paid by an environmental trust Direct deposit for Revenu Québec LM-53-V: Earnings under the QPIP and QPP of a person responsible for a family-type or intermediate resource Québec First-Time Home Buyers’ Tax Credit (TP-752.HA-V) Québec independent living tax credit for seniors Relevé 11: Flow-through shares (RL-11) Relevé 13: Ownership certificate (RL-13) Relevé 15: Amounts Allocated to the Members of a Partnership (RL-15) Relevé 16: Trust Income Relevé 18: Securities Transactions (RL-18) Relevé 19: Advance payment of tax credits (RL-19) Relevé 21: Farm support payments (Paiements de soutien agricole) (RL-21) Relevé 22: Employment income related to multi-employer insurance plans (RL-22) Relevé 23: Recognition of volunteer respite services (RL-23) Relevé 26: Capital régional et coopératif Desjardins (RL-26) Relevé 27: Government payments (RL-27) Relevé 29: Remuneration of a family-type resource or an intermediate resource (RL-29) Relevé 2: Retirement and annuity income Relevé 31: Information about a Leased Dwelling Relevé 3: Investment income (RL-3) Relevé 5: Benefits and indemnities (RL-5) Relevé 6: Québec parental insurance plan (RL-6) Relevé 7: Investments in an investment plan (RL-7) Schedule B: Tax relief measures Schedule E: Tax Adjustments and Credits Schedule H: Québec tax credit for caregivers Schedule J: Québec tax credit for home-support services for seniors Schedule K: Premium Payable Under the Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan