An investor or have an RRSP

T1285: Nova Scotia Equity Tax Credit Alberta investor tax credit Amount of your registered disability savings plan (RDSP) you repaid British Columbia Employee Investment Tax Credit British Columbia Logging Tax Credit British Columbia Venture Capital Tax Credit Capital gains and losses history Capital gains deduction history Capital Gains or Losses (Schedule 3 and Schedule G) Certified film property Contributions to a Canadian or foreign retirement or pension plan Federal labour sponsored funds tax credit Interest or dividend income not shown on a slip Joint investment income Manitoba community enterprise development tax credit Manitoba Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Tax Credit New Brunswick Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Fund Tax Credit Newfoundland and Labrador (NL) Venture Capital Tax Credit Non-capital losses (allowable) from this or previous years Nova Scotia Labour-Sponsored Venture Capital Tax Credit Prince Edward Island equity tax credit Property, shares, or other investments you bought or sold, investment income, investment expenses, and rental property RC383: Tax-exempt Earned Income and Contributions for a Pooled Registered Pension Plan Registered Pension Plans Relevé 10: Tax credit for a labour-sponsored fund (RL-10) Repayments to the Home Buyers' Plan (HBP Repayment) Repayments to the Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) Report a loss you had from a business investment (T4037 or TP-232.1-V) RRSP Contributions and HBP or LLP repayments RRSP deduction limit for 2018