Error code 252

You'll see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2018 tax software if on the Saskatchewan graduate retention program (RC360) page, you entered information from your 2018 Graduate Retention Program Eligibility Certificate into the field labelled Certificate 3 before entering information into the fields labelled Certificate 1 and Certificate 2:

Complete the 3rd certificate line only if you received 3 Graduate Retention Program Eligibility Certificates for 2018. If you only have one 2018 certificate, complete the 1st certificate line. [error code: 252]

How do I fix this?

To correct the error, on the RC360 page, enter information from your 2018Graduate Retention Program Eligibility Certificate into the Certificate 1 field first. If you received more than one certificates for 2018, you can then use the subsequent Certificate 2 and Certificate 3 fields, as needed.

Note: The RC360 page can be found under the STUDENTS icon on the PREPARE tab.

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