Error code 240

You'll see the following error message in H&R Block’s 2018 tax software if, you're claiming the British Columbia training tax credit for employers (T1041-1) but you haven’t entered any self-employment income for the year:

You can't claim the British Columbia training tax credit for employers if you didn't have a business. Please report your self-employment income or delete form T1014-1 from your return. [error code: 240]


How do I fix this?

To fix this error, enter your business information in H&R Block’s tax software. To do this, navigate to the IN THIS SECTION page under the PREPARE tab and add the Self-employment income and expenses topic. Then, click the EMPLOYMENT icon. Under the BUSINESS AND SELF-EMPLOYMENT INCOME section, select the option that applies to you.

Note: If you entered information on the British Columbia training tax credit page in error, simply remove the data entered and deselect the checkbox for the tax credit on the Working income/expenses page.


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