What is Revenu Québec’s My Account for Individuals and how do I register for it?

Revenu Québec’s My Account for Individuals is a secure, personalized, and confidential portal for you to access and manage your tax-related information online. With your My Account for Individuals, you can:

  • Review your income tax information
  • Change your personal information
  • Start and/or manage your direct deposit details
  • View your notice of assessment (NOA)
  • View/apply for payments and/or benefits
  • View or authorize a Power of Attorney
  • Receive online mail

Note: This is not a complete list. Refer to the Revenu Québec website for a full list of services. 

Registration process

Important: To register for My Account, you must have filed a tax return for the current or a previous year.

You have the option to choose from two ways to register for (and later access) your My Account – with a Sign-in Partner (such as your bank) or by creating a clicSÉQUR (Québec government's authentication service) account. Before you begin the registration process, be sure to have your current and/or your previous year’s notice of assessment on hand; for security purposes, Revenu Québec will ask you to enter your notice number.

Where can I learn more?

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