Warning: Transferring only federal tuition amount

You'll see the following warning message in H&R Block’s 2018 tax software if, you have tuition amounts available for transfer but only transferred the federal amount to a designated person and not the provincial amount:

Are you sure you only want to transfer a federal tuition, education, and textbook amount? If you want to transfer a provincial/territorial tuition and education amount too, make sure you enter it. [warning]

How do I fix this?

To clear the warning message, click the OPTIMIZATION icon under the WRAP-UP tab. If you’re filing a single return (your marital status is single, divorced, widowed, or separated) or if you’re preparing your return separate from your spouse, click the Claimed credits link.  Select your response to the question, You have ${0.00} available to transfer provincially. Do you want to transfer the maximum amount?.  

If you’re preparing your return with your spouse (coupled return), click the Optimized credits link and enter the provincial tuition and education amount you want to transfer. If you don’t want to transfer your provincial amount, enter 0.

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