Property, shares, or other investments you bought or sold, investment income, investment expenses, and rental property

You should select this option under the IN THIS SECTION icon of the PREPARE tab, if in 2018:

  • You bought or sold investments (such as tax shelters, shares, securities, rental properties, and resources (like mining, oil, natural gas, etc.))
  • You had investment income (such as interest, dividends, or royalties) and/or expenses (such as fees paid for legal advice)

This option also applies to you if you want to claim certain federal and provincial tax credits or deductions for your investments such as the:

  • Investment tax credit for individuals
  • Claim for tax shelter loss or deduction
  • Non-capital losses
  • Capital gains deduction on capital property and/or resource property

Note: If you sold a home in 2018 and want to complete the Designation of a property as a principal residence (T2091(IND)) form, you can do so under the REQUIRED icon on the PREPARE tab. 

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