Tax credit for experienced workers - Québec

Important: This tax credit has been improved by Revenu Québec for 2018. You can now claim this tax credit starting at age 61.

You can claim the tax credit for experienced workers if you earned eligible income (such as employment income, business income, net amount from research grants, Wage Earner Protection Payments, and amounts received under a work-incentive program) totaling $5,000 or more during the year and, if on December 31, you were:

  • A resident of Québec and
  • 61 years or older

The tax credit you can claim depends on your eligible income for the year and your age on December 31. The maximum amount you can claim is $1,650 (if you were 65 on December 31).   

Note: Any work income you earned before you turned 61 in the year is subtracted from your eligible work income that qualifies for this tax credit.

If your eligible work income for the year is more than $34,030, the tax credit is reduced by 5%. However, this doesn’t apply if you’re over 67 years of age and your tax credit amount is $600 or less.

Where do I claim this?

You’ll need to enter the amount of your work income that you earned before you turned 61, 62, 63, 64, or 65 on December 31 on the Special Situations page under the REQUIRED icon of the PREPARE tab.

Once you do that, H&R Block’s tax software will automatically calculate your credit amount and apply it to your tax return, provided you’ve met the other eligibility requirements. 

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