What do I enter in the field “Rural route number”?

If you live in a rural area, Canada Post will have assigned a rural route number to your property. This number, beginning with the letters RR, identifies the route used by Canada Post to deliver mail in the area you live in.

When entering your rural route number into H&R Block’s tax software, make sure you use the correct format, like in the example below.

Correct format: 23
Incorrect formats: RR23, RR 23, 23RR, 23 RR

I get an error when I enter my rural route (RR) number

If you have a rural route (RR) address and don’t have a street address, you might see an error in H&R Block’s 2018 tax software asking you to enter details in the Street number and Street name fields on the  Your mailing address page. This error won’t prevent you from filing your return. If you’ve entered your address correctly, you can ignore this error and continue to prepare your return.

While this error won’t prevent you from filing your return, if you have any additional address information to add (such as site or station information), you can add that to the Street number and Street name fields to fix this error.

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