Disability amount transfer – Lines 5804 to 5840

To claim your dependant’s disability amount, you’ll need to enter the total of the following amount(s) from your dependant’s completed tax return:

  • lines 5804 to 5840* on the provincial/territorial tax form and
  • line 11 under Part A on the RC269: Employee contributions to a foreign pension plan or social security arrangement form

*Lines 5804 to 5840 represent your dependant’s provincial/territorial non-refundable tax credits (such as basic personal amount, pension income amount, age amount, caregiver amount, etc.)

Where can I find the amounts on lines 5804 to 5840?

You’ll need to complete your dependant’s return first to determine the disability amount that can be transferred to you, as well as, locate the amounts on lines 5804 to 5840.  

To find the amounts on lines 5804 to 5840, refer to your dependant’s provincial/territorial Form 428.

If you’re using H&R Block’s 2018 tax software to complete your dependant’s return and want to access their tax return before you file it, you can upgrade to either the ASSISTANCE or PROTECTION package to view the line-by-line details. Your dependant’s detailed tax return can then be downloaded from the SUMMARY page under the WRAP-UP tab. Open the downloaded file and scroll to the provincial/territorial Form 428 to locate the amounts on lines 5804 to 5840.

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