I don’t see the credit, deduction, or amount I want to claim

Don’t worry! Just because you haven’t added it on this page, doesn’t mean it isn’t here. In fact, if you don’t see it here, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for in the OTHER and/or the REQUIRED sections of your return. Both sections can be found under the PREPARE tab. You’ll see these sections in your return a little later on.      


What can I find in the OTHER section?

In the OTHER section, you’ll be able to add tax credits, deductions, and/or amounts such as the:

  • Disability supports deduction (federal and Québec)
  • TP-8.66.2-V: Tax credit for the treatment of infertility (Québec)
  • Schedule H: Tax credit for caregivers (Québec)
  • Political contributions
  • T1170: Capital gains on gifts of certain capital property
  • T1212: Statement of deferred security options benefits

Note: This isn’t a complete list. The OTHER section also includes province-specific credits (such as the Ontario opportunities fund, Manitoba education property tax credit, and provincial credits available to seniors).

What can I find in the REQUIRED section?

The REQUIRED section has a several pages where you’ll be able to:

  • respond to questions that cover special situations (such as your eligibility for the First-time home buyer’s amount and the Disability tax credit)
  • respond to CRA and Revenu Québec (if applicable) required questions
  • tell us about any tax instalments you paid during the year and/or any interest payments your received from the government

Note: Based on your responses, if you’re eligible for any of the credits, deductions, and/or amounts on the SPECIAL SITUATIONS page in the REQUIRED section, H&R Block’s tax software will automatically claim it for you on your return.

If you’re a resident of Québec, you’ll also be able to see if there’s a premium payable under the Québec prescription drug insurance plan (Schedule K).

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